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Download free articles on myopia management to use on your website  

We are delighted to offer you free access to our extensive collection of insightful and well-researched articles for you to use on your blog.



Authored and reviewed by our esteemed Managing Editor, Jason Higginbotham, these articles cover a wide range of topics surrounding myopia. If your business runs a website that looks to inform parents of the myopia epidemic, we encourage you to download these articles and use them on your website.

How to use these blogs

Feel free to:

  • Edit the blog to suit your style and brand

  • Try to add a comment, or quote to make it more unique and relevant to your business

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In return, we ask that you kindly include a direct link to Myopia Focus within your blog.

If you have any questions please let us know.

5 Myopia Myths

Are contact lenses safe for children?

What age should you start to implement myopia control strategies?

The role of genetics in myopia development

The increasing prevalence of myopia in children

Will my child’s glasses make myopia better or worse?

Can environment impact myopia development?

Is myopia developing earlier in children

Can myopia be cured?

When myopia starts to become a problem

Can Myopia get better?

Are Myopia and Short-sightedness the same?

The impact of visual impairment on children’s mental health

Can time spent outdoors influence myopia control?

Is it too late to start managing myopia?

What can I do to stop my child’s myopia from getting worse?

My child’s vision is blurry what does this mean?

When can Myopia start to develop?

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