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What is Myopia Management?

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Author: Jason Higginbotham
BSc (Hons) MCOptom Prof Cert Glau Prof Cert Med Ret Prof Cert LV FBDO MBCLA

Discover Myopia treatment options for your child

Whilst there is currently no cure for Myopia, clinical evidence has proven that a personalised eye care plan for children (also known as Myopia Management) can significantly reduce or even stop the progression of myopia. Whilst there is no way to reverse the condition, by minimising myopia progression, the worst effects of high myopia can be decreased.

Traditionally, myopia in children has been treated by way of glasses and contact lenses. However, while these offer clear vision, research over the last 20 years has shown there are much better methods to both correct the sight and also slow down the rate of change compared to wearing traditional glasses or conventional contact lenses.

In this section, you can discover the latest scientific thinking as well as explore potential myopia management options for your child.

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What can you do now as a parent?

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Atropine & Other Drops

Family Together

Soft Contact


Combination Therapies


Clinical evidence has shown that a personalised eye care plan can significantly decrease the progression of myopia in children by up to 50%.

Is there anything you can do about myopia?

The good news is yes!


There are a range of therapies available that can help to slow the rate of progression of myopia as it develops. As we’ve seen, one of the theories behind myopisation (elongation of the eyeball) is what we call peripheral hyperopic defocus blur. If you can change that peripheral blur to being myopic, it can significantly slow the elongation of the eyeball (or globe as Eye Care Professionals sometimes call it).


Discuss a Myopia Management Plan with a local specialist.

The first step in myopia control and management is to consult a professional.

Our easy-to-use map search tool will assist you in 

finding an eye care specialist nearest to you, who can help you decide on the best treatment options for your child. All you need to do is enter your postcode.


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