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Myopia Advice for Parents...

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Author: Jason Higginbotham
BSc (Hons) MCOptom Prof Cert Glau Prof Cert Med Ret Prof Cert LV FBDO MBCLA

Understanding Myopia

Being myopic (also called short-sighted or near-sighted) is such a common condition that it is easy to underappreciate the problem. Easier to understand is the value of our eyesight, and when you start looking at the potential long-term effects of myopia, it is easier to appreciate why it is something you need to know more about. If you're a parent whose child has been diagnosed with myopia, or if they are struggling with their distance vision, MyopiaFocus can help you find out more about myopia, and provides valuable advice and guidance.

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What is

An Introduction

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Why is Myopia a Problem?

Long Term Effects

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Types of

There are two main types...

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What is High Myopia?

And what problems can it cause

Family Together

What causes Myopia?

Discover the causes of myopia


Treatment Options?

Discover Myopia management

Child with Contact Lens

Discuss a Myopia Management Plan with a local specialist.

Use our map search to find an eye care professional who can help you decide the best treatment options for your child. All you need to do is enter your postcode and we will direct you to the nearest myopia specialist.

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