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Meet some of the Contributors to All our contributors are Myopia management specialist's who contribute their time and knowledge to help ensure you have the latest information about myopia management and answer some of the many questions we get asked.


Alistair Duff

Urquhart Opticians

Deven Lakhani

Hammond Opticians

Emily Wright

Scartho Eyecare

Kiran Pannu

Maverick & Wolf

Michelle Le Roche

Le Roche

Anthony Josephson

Maskell + Josephson

Dipesh Chhatralia

Parker & Hammond Opticians

Hamza Mussa

The Crazy Optom

Laurence Wong

Vision One Eyecare

Mohammed Hafejee


Connan Tam

BHT Optometry

Doaa Ramlawi

Gaza Ophthalmic Centre

Indie Grewal

Leightons Opticians St Albans

Marco Kong

iCare Eyecare

Peter Frampton

Aaron Optometrists

Davina Dosanjh

Richard Petrie Optometrists

Emily Patterson

Retinal Imaging Scientist

John Rose

John Rose Eyecare

Maria Wheeler

Nicholson Eyecare

Simon Falk

Simon Falk Eyecare

Richard Petrie Optometrists - Myopia Management_edited.jpg

As a practitioner and as a parent, I am passionate about educating families about their options for the long term health of their children's eyes.


Unfortunately, the support we have had through national campaigns has not yet happened. All the while, children's eyes are changing with very little information available to parents on a broader scale. We want this to change and I'm proud to be part of the campaign.

Davina Dosanjh, Richard Petrie Optometrists

Practioners - Join Us

If you are a myopia specialist or eye care professional then why not join us in our quest to raise awareness and provide valuable, accurate information to parents?

There are many benefits to joining the MyopiaFocus practitioner community such as listing your practice on our "Find a Specialist" map search and gaining exclusive access to educational materials.

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