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Advisory Committee

Meet our Advisory Committee. Myopia specialist's who help bring you the latest guidance and knowledge about myopia management. If you want to add to the conversation or ask a question of one of our team, please contact us.

Jason Higginbotham

Jason Higginbotham, BSc (Hons) MCOptom Prof Cert Glau Prof Cert Med Ret Prof Cert LV FBDO MBCLA - is passionate about raising awareness to tackle the myopia problem.


With over thirty years of experience in optometry, Jason is well known and well regarded as an educator and consultant. He has a particular interest in the field of myopia management. Jason regularly travels to deliver educational workshops on a wealth of optometry subjects.

Jason launched because he was becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of understanding and support for parents about what is going on with children’s eyes right now.

Advisory Committee

Bhavin Shah

Bhavin Shah (BSc Optom (Hons), MCOptom, MBCLA) is a multi-award-winning myopia management specialist and behavioural optometrist with over 25 years of experience in the industry.


Bhavin's passion for linking vision with learning, coupled with his unique approach to solving complex problems using innovation and technology led to him specialising in myopia management since 2016.


His unique approach has helped hundreds of children to slow the deterioration in their sight and vision successfully and safely. He regularly writes and speaks about myopia management to professionals, parents and the public. His practice fits more MiSight contact lenses than any other in the UK.

Brian Tompkins

Brian Tompkins is an experienced independent practitioner in his stunningly refurbished and contemporised Victorian house-practice in Northampton UK. 

Brian is a Past President of the BCLA (British Contact Lens Association) and a former AOP Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year. He lectures internationally on business, imaging technology, myopia management and specialist contact lens topics, all based on real life experience in the consulting room.


Brian learnt that people retain more by being entertained while being educated and so since that time his lectures and workshops have been interactive and fun, sometimes even hilarious, but always informative.


He is, perhaps, Optometry’s best known EDUTAINER.

Keyur Patel

Keyur is a renowned specialist in Myopia Management and multi-award winning optometrist - winning Optometrist of the Year 2022 & Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year 2022 at the recent EyeCare Awards.

He graduated in optometry from City University in 1999 and continued his studies for three years in the USA where he obtained his Doctor of Optometry qualification. Keyur has also gained diplomas in both glaucoma and independent prescribing enabling him to treat many eye conditions without the need for onward referral to a doctor or hospital. He has a vast level of experience running community based clinics for glaucoma management as well as in independent private practices such as Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists where he practices.

Keyur practices at Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists based in Northampton. With a reputation for innovation and cutting-edge eye care, TK&S is widely recognised as one of the leading practices in the UK – with the latest awards adding to a clutch of honours received in recent years.

Morven Campbell

Morven has been an optometrist and dispensing optician for over 25years. She opened her own independent practice, Iris Blue Optical, in 2019 providing a wide array of services including myopia management. After less than a year in business the practice was named as a finalist in the Scottish Independent Retail Awards.  Prior to self-employment she was Clinical Manager for a large independent group, where her role was ensuring patient safety and excellence in optometric practice.

Morven has been involved with myopia management for over 6 years now, both in face to face patient care and training of other optometrists in this important area of clinical practice.

Morven is the Official Optometrist to BBC Radio Scotland where she has a regular ‘Call the Optometrist’ surgery answering listener eye queries. She has been a regular contributor to professional education in many forms and on varied subjects.  

Michael O'Kane

Michael O'Kane is one of the youngest people to be awarded a Fellowship of the College of Optometrists in the UK. He holds many post-graduate qualifications and is due to complete his MSc in August 2022.

Michael is an Independent Prescriber, the clinical director of Specsavers Morningside and Cameron Toll branches. He was a Specialist Paediatric Hospital Optometrist in Edinburgh’s Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion and has provided Myopia Management to children in and around Edinburgh for the last 5 years. He is the Chairperson of the NHS NES Optometric Educational Advisory Board and sits on the Executive Board of Optometry Scotland, as a Specsavers representative.


He was awarded UK Optometrist of the Year 2018 at the Opticians Awards and Optometrist of the Year 2018 at the NHS Scottish Health Awards. The Morningside store was also awarded Technology Practice of the Year 2018, at the Opticians Awards.

Sandip Doshi

Sandip is an optometrist with a wealth of experience in the profession. He is the optometrist owner of The Eyecare Centre and Barnard Associates in Hove, East Sussex. Sandip has been practising for over 30 years and his experiences in optometry are unique as he has worked in a wide range of fields ranging from: academia, clinical practice, refractive surgery, ophthalmology and publishing.

Sandip has owned his current practice, The Eyecare Centre, for more than 22 years which recently merged with another local practice, Barnard Associates. This has created the largest independent practice in the City of Brighton and Hove. The practices both had previously actively offered myopia management for more than 20 years. The larger business has allowed the myopia management side of the business to grow considerably.  The practice offers full panel of myopia management options currently available in the UK.

Thomas Aller

Thomas has been researching clinical methods for the control of myopia progression for over 30 years and has been ranked as one of the leading private practitioners in the field of myopia research. After receiving the world’s earliest patent for a method of myopia control, he has begun collaborating with the Brien Holden Vision Institute on their myopia program and shares multiple patents with them.  

At present Thomas is conducting clinical trials on a novel myopia control lens design and an anti-hyperopia multifocal lens design. In 2016 he successfully launched Myappia, a myopia progression app. He is also a visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and has served as an adjunct Professor at the University of Houston College of Optometry. Whilst also serving as a consultant and advisor to several companies working on myopia control contacts, spectacles, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Thomas is a fellow of the British Contact Lens Association and an associate member of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists. He is also the 2018 recipient of the Award of Excellence from the Global Specialty Lens Symposium and the 2019 recipient of the Garland Clay Award from the American Academy of Optometry.

Mark Bullimore

Professor Bullimore is an internationally renowned scientist, speaker, and educator based in Boulder, Colorado. He received his Optometry degree and PhD in Vision Science from Aston University in Birmingham, England. He spent most of his career at the Ohio State University and the University of California at Berkeley and is now Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston. He is the former Editor of Optometry and Vision Science. His expertise in myopia, contact lenses, low vision, presbyopia, and refractive surgery means that he is consultant for a number of ophthalmic, surgical, and pharmaceutical companies. This work has resulted in approval of, among others, Paragon CRT, Alcon’s iLux, and CooperVision’s MiSight lens. He has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles including several modern classics in the field of myopia control

James Loughman

James Loughman, a visionary leader, is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ocumetra, an innovative company that is revolutionizing eye healthcare through data science solutions.


With a background as an experienced Professor, James has a proven track record of making a significant societal impact through his work in higher education and research. He is inspired by the positive influence of healthcare innovation on patients' lives and firmly believes in the power of technology to accelerate progress in the field of healthcare.

James holds a PhD specifically focused on Eye Health, which has provided him with a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges associated with maintaining good eye health. As a result, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Myopia Focus.

Ian Flitcroft

Ian Flitcroft is a renowned paediatric ophthalmologist and a leading expert in myopia research. With over two decades of experience, he has made significant contributions to the field through clinical research and computational approaches.


As the principal investigator at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland, Ian leads groundbreaking clinical trials to advance our understanding and treatment of myopia.


His unwavering commitment to improving children's vision health has earned him recognition and made him a respected authority. Ian's academic achievements and publications have expanded our knowledge of myopia and shaped more effective treatment strategies.

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Corrina McElduff

Corrina McElduff is a visionary leader and accomplished optometrist, currently serving as the Director of Professional Affairs at Ocumetra.

Passionate about clinical advancement and improving patient outcomes, Corrina's remarkable contributions as the clinical lead for a group of independent optometrists led to the establishment of one of the pioneering myopia management clinics in the UK. Her groundbreaking work allowed her to gain early access to FDA-approved myopia management products, even before their official market release—a testament to her forward-thinking approach and commitment to pushing boundaries.

Corrina's innovative vision and commitment to empowering eyecare professionals with cutting-edge data science make her a valuable addition to the Myopia Focus Advisory Committee

Neema Ghorbani Mojarrad

Dr. Neema Ghorbani Mojarrad is a lecturer at the University of Bradford and a locum optometrist with a wealth of expertise in the field of optometry. Holding a Ph.D. from Cardiff University, his research revolves around the exploration of genetic information as a predictive tool for identifying children at risk of developing myopia.

With an impressive track record, Neema has previously been recognised for his outstanding contributions to the optometry profession. During his tenure in an independent practice, he earned the prestigious Newly Qualified Optometrist of the Year award. 

His current research endeavours reflect his dedication to advancing our understanding of myopia. His interests span the genetics of refractive error, contact lenses and anterior eye, as well as the exploration of causative factors and interventions for myopia management.

In addition to his role as a Lecturer in Optometry, Neema is also a Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research Fellow, Editorial Board Member for Acuity and an Associate Editor for BMJ Open Ophthalmology.


Practioners - Join Us

If you are a myopia specialist or eye care professional then why not join us in our quest to raise awareness and provide valuable, accurate information to parents?

There are many benefits to joining the MyopiaFocus practitioner community such as listing your practice on our "Find a Specialist" map search and gaining exclusive access to educational materials.

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