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Press Coverage

Myopia Focus is open to any type of collaboration that aids in spreading awareness about myopia. Additionally, we have a highly knowledgeable advisory committee whose expertise can provide valuable insights through interviews.


If you are interested in featuring our articles or scheduling an interview, please reach out to us.

Myopia Focus launches practitioner education hub

1 June 2023

Q&A: Jason Higginbotham

29 April 2023

Petition for free myopia management for all UK children gains momentum

23 February 2023

Website aiming to raise awareness of myopia launched

30 May 2022

Ocumetra leaders join Myopia Focus advisory committee

27 May 2023

“Lifestyle is by far the biggest factor”

24 April 2023

Why you shouldn’t just correct your child’s short-sightedness with glasses

1 November 2022

In Focus: Call for proactive myopia response

12 May 2022

In Focus: Call for proactive myopia response

12 May 2023

Equality of Vision: Funding Myopia Management in Children

11 April 2023

First steps in myopia management

26 July 2022

Screen use is putting children's sight at risk, newest research reveals

11 May 2022

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