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Survey Shows Clear Knowledge and Awareness Gap of the ‘Myopia Epidemic’ Amongst Parents

Myopia Focus has recently celebrated its first anniversary by conducting a survey to understand awareness of myopia and myopia management treatment options amongst parents. The results show a significant awareness and understanding challenge amongst parents of the risks of this potentially sight-threatening condition.

The survey of 200 UK parents showed that whilst 97% had heard of short-sightedness, only 61% had heard of the more technical name “myopia” and, perhaps unsurprisingly, only 4% had even heard of axial myopia.

There is no doubt that myopia is on the rise, a fact that is particularly concerning as over 1 in 4 parents stated that they have “rarely or never” taken their children for an eye examination. Again, this may be down to people not being fully aware of the importance of regular eye examinations.

Of participants who reported having a short-sighted or myopic child: