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Myopia Control Glasses

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Author: Jason Higginbotham
BSc (Hons) MCOptom Prof Cert Glau Prof Cert Med Ret Prof Cert LV FBDO MBCLA

An Introduction to Specialist Glasses for Myopia Control

One of the first myopia control treatment options you might like to discuss with your eye care professional is myopia spectacles. 


The chances are that your child is probably already wearing glasses, but did you know that not all glasses are created equal? Whilst Myopia control glasses use the same frames as normal glasses, the lenses in these glasses are very different. The fact that your child already wears glasses might make it easier for them to adjust to using specialist myopia management glasses. 

TL;DR Key Points
  • Specialist Glasses have been developed for Myopia Control

  • These Myopia control glasses have very different lenses to normal glasses.

  • These spectacles manage myopia by correcting vision and controlling eyeball elongation through altered light focus.

  • There is a range of options for spectacle lenses now available and each works slightly differently.

  • Options include: MiYOSMART lenses, Stellest lenses, Bifocal and Multifocal Lenses and MyoVision Pro lenses.

  • The first step in managing myopia control is to consult a professional.

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How they work

There are two things that we need to take care of when managing myopia and these specialist spectacles seek to address the following... 


Correct the refractive error so that vision is clear 


Alter the way the light is focussed in the eye to help control the elongation of the eyeball

Products on the market 

There is a range of options for spectacle lenses now available and each works slightly differently. In many cases, these lenses have tiny ‘etchings’ on their surface which produce this special focussing technology that slows the progressive growth of the eyeball. Let’s take a look at some of the various products on the market.

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D.I.M.S.(Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) Technology spectacle lenses

MiYOSMART spectacle lenses manufactured by HOYA have been proved to slow down the progression of myopia by on average 60%. The spectacle lenses correct the refractive error (the prescription or power of the lenses needed to make eyesight clear) and have off-centre ‘micro lenslets’ that ensure the peripheral rays focus in front of the retina and not behind. This helps slow down or prevent eyeball elongation.

MiYOSMART lenses manufactured by Hoya are highly effective at reducing myopia progression. The spectacle lenses can be seen in the image below.


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H.A.L.T – Highly Aspheric Lenslet Target

HALT lenses use a slightly different approach to DIMS but ultimately aim to do the same thing - stop peripheral light from being focussed behind the retina. 

Stellest lenses manufactured by Essilor have rings of lenslets arranged around a central clear zone, as seen in the image below.

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Peripheral Aspheric Design

A peripheral aspheric design lens provides extra plus (convex or positive) focussing power by altering the curvature of the lens away from the centre. According to some studies, these lenses have not been as effective at reducing eyeball elongation.

One example is the MyoCare® lenses which Zeiss manufactures.

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Bifocal and Multifocal Lenses

Essentially bifocals and varifocals are typically used by older people (from their mid-forties onwards) to allow them to read and see in the distance clearly.  


With children, it’s been shown that the reduction in accommodation (the eyes focussing effort) helps to reduce the amount of accommodative lag and mechanical tension within the eye, plus also lowering peripheral hyperopic defocus blur. Studies have shown these can be effective at controlling the growth of the eyeball. The ‘accommodative lag theory’ of myopisation (eyeball growth) is an older and now less valued theory of why progressive myopia occurs.  

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Specialist Glasses 



  • Wide prescription range can be treated

  • Range of frame styles available 

  • Safe, with minimal risks of eye infections or complications.


  • More expensive than standard glasses due to their advanced features and technologies.

  • Wearing glasses can sometimes pose challenges during certain physical activities or sports.


Discuss the different types of lenses for myopia management with a local specialist today

The first step in myopia control and management is to consult a professional.

Our easy-to-use map search tool will assist you in 

finding an eye care specialist nearest to you who can help you decide on the best treatment options for your child. All you need to do is enter your postcode.


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