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Myopia Focus Strengthens Advisory Committee with Ocumetra's Visionary Trio

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Happy Myopia Awareness Week, with this in mind we have some exciting news to share. We are pleased to announce that James Loughman and Ian Flitcroft, the co-founders of Ocumetra, alongside Corrina McElduff, are joining our distinguished Advisory Committee.

Jason Higginbotham, Managing Editor of Myopia Focus, said:

“It is great to further strengthen the breadth of knowledge of our Advisory Committee with the addition of James, Ian, and Corrina. They are well known and respected in the industry and are clearly key opinion leaders in the field of myopia research and management. I am delighted they have decided to provide their support to our campaign to increase awareness of myopia management amongst parents and eye care professionals."

James Loughman, Corrina McElduff, Ian Flitcroft (left to right)

As well as taking an active role in the Advisory Committee discussions, they will also use their knowledge and experience to help ensure that Myopia Focus’ new Practitioner Hub provides content that will drive innovation, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination and become more valuable to eye care professionals looking for the latest information on myopia management.

Key to this will be the educational resources provided by Ocumetra, a pioneering company in the field of vision care which is widely recognised for its innovative technologies and solutions aimed at improving eye health. Through their advanced technological solutions, Ocumetra addresses various aspects of myopia management and research. Their cutting-edge tools and expertise put the science into myopia management, supporting compliance with professional body guidance and breaking down one of the biggest barriers in myopia management, effective parent communication.

Ocumetra CEO James Loughman said:

We're delighted to join Myopia Focus. Its mission aligns perfectly with our approach to myopia care and our commitment to supporting evidence-based myopia practice. We have some exciting plans to further enhance the Myopia Focus website and help educate parents and practitioners alike."

James Loughman

James Loughman, co-founder and CEO of Ocumetra, has made a significant societal impact through his work in higher education and research. James is inspired by healthcare innovation and believes in the power of technology to advance the field. Holding a PhD in Eye Health, his deep understanding of clinical practice and research endeavours will be instrumental in steering Myopia Focus's efforts to establish best practices for myopia control.

Ian Flitcroft

Ian Flitcroft, co-founder of Ocumetra, is a renowned paediatric ophthalmologist and a leading expert in myopia research. With over two decades of experience, he has made significant contributions to the field through clinical research and computational approaches. His unwavering commitment to improving children's vision health has earned him recognition and made him a respected authority. As a member of the Advisory Committee, Flitcroft will lend his expertise to ensure Myopia Focus is able to share the most recent research initiatives to guide the development of evidence-based interventions.

Corrina McElduff

Corrina McElduff is an optometrist by training and an influential advocate for improving children's eye health and myopia control. She has dedicated her career to raising awareness and educating parents, caregivers, and educators about the risks associated with myopia. As a member of the Advisory Committee, McElduff will help develop outreach programs and educational resources for eye care professionals to share her knowledge about myopia prevention and management.

If you are a myopia specialist or eye care professional and are interested in being a part of Myopia Focus then why not join us in our quest to raise awareness and provide valuable, accurate information to parents? We are currently working on a Practitioner Huto to give professionals access to a number of digital resources, training, webinars and more. To learn more click here.

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