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Myopia Focus celebrates World Optometry Day

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

World Optometry Day is celebrated annually on March 23rd to recognise the critical role that optometrists play in promoting eye health and preventing vision loss. Today especially, we recognize the dedication and expertise of optometrists everywhere. It's also a chance to raise awareness about the value of regular eye exams and the many benefits of good vision health and systemic health screening.

This year's World Optometry Day theme is Expanding Optometry’s Role… The Time is Now!

The theme highlights and aims to promote broader global access to eye care and equip optometrists worldwide with the necessary education and expertise to excel and make significant contributions to their healthcare systems [1].

Paul Folkesson, World Council of Optometry President, comments:

"I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of you who spend your time to serve others. This is a trait that is sorely needed in society, and we look forward to the day when all the world recognises the hard work you do."

As an organisation which is dedicated to advancing the understanding and management of myopia around the world, we have recently signed the Myopia Management Pledge. This pledge, created by the World Council of Optometry, aims to promote the importance of early detection and intervention in managing myopia and reducing its associated risks. By signing the pledge, Myopia Focus has committed to educating and advocating for myopia management practices among optometrists, ophthalmologists, and the public, as well as supporting ongoing research in the field.

Jason Higginbotham, Managing Editor of Myopia Focus, comments:

"We believe our dedication to addressing the global epidemic of myopia and its potential impact on vision health is a significant step forward in advancing the adoption of myopia management by eye care professionals not only in the UK but across the globe."

If you're a parent whose child has been diagnosed with myopia or if they are struggling with their distance vision, we hope you found MyopiaFocus helpful. Please join our community or sign our petition to get the government and NHS to recognise myopia as an ocular disease/severe ocular condition and fund myopia management for children.

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