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Is myopia developing earlier in children

In 2004 a study of myopia in Taiwanese schoolchildren, using data gathered between 1983 and 2000, concluded that myopia was starting to develop at a "very young and progressively decreasing age." [1] As a result, the study recommended that more attention should be paid to the eye care of preschool children.

A UK Biobank study published in 2022 echoed the findings of the Taiwanese report. [2] The records of more than 100,000 individuals born between 1939 and 1970 revealed a rise in myopic frequency from 20% in older participants to nearly 30% in the youngest cohort.

Was that rise in myopia a product of its time, or is that trend continuing? Are we still seeing myopia developing at an earlier age, and if so, what interventions are needed to try and address the problem?