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In focus: a closer look at Red-Light Therapy for myopia control with Eye Rising International

Red Light Therapy for myopia control, has certainly created a lot of buzz in the market and naturally we were interested in finding out more about the technology. So, Jason and I were pleased to have a video call with Eye Rising International CEO, Paul Cooke, and Manny Pascual, Head of Operations, who are bringing their Repeated Low-Level Red-Light therapy (RLRL) technology to market. The discussions focused around their approach to tackling the myopia epidemic through what is claimed to be a clinically proven, child-friendly Myopia Management Device. Scroll down to watch the video!

Paul Cooke elucidates the specifics of RLRL therapy, emphasising its clinically proven effectiveness in slowing down myopia progression in children. The interview delves into the applicability of this therapy for at-home use under ongoing monitoring from an eye care professional. Additionally, Paul discusses the device's safety profile and various clinical studies. He openly addresses the occurrence of a few adverse events and discusses the thorough investigation steps taken to understand their root causes.

Continuing, Manny delves into the commercial aspects of Eye Rising International. He notes a significant rise in myopia awareness and the adoption of myopia management among parents in Asian markets. This growth is attributed to proactive initiatives from policymakers and government bodies addressing the escalating myopia epidemic. Unfortunately, the situation contrasts starkly in the UK, where many parents still remain unaware that myopia management is necessary or is a viable option for their children. This discrepancy underscores the primary motivation behind the launch of Myopia Focus and our petition.

Currently, approximately 100,000 children are participating in RLRL therapy, with a predominant user base in Asia, in particular in China. Excitingly, a select number of eye care professionals in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand are already using the device with their patients. Eye Rising is poised for substantial growth, with ambitious plans to expand globally, targeting eye care professionals actively involved in myopia management and expressing interest in offering the Eye Rising Myopia Management device.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Introduction

02:29 - What is Red Light Therapy

04:18 - How does the Eye Rising device work

09:45 - Is Red Light Therapy safe?

16:00 - Clinical Trial results

20:15 - Addressing myopia prevalence in Asian markets and advising UK eye care professionals on enhancing myopia awareness.

25:22 - Device portability and usability

30: 04 - Go to market strategy

34:50 - Commercial Model

38:17 - Clinical Adoption

41:20 - Public concern

46:51 - Safety and adverse events

50:13 - Future of RLRL in myopia management

52:10 - Future clinical trials

54:18 - Future Plans

55:55 - Most important measurements in myopia management

Myopia Focus is dedicated to raising awareness about myopia and providing information and resources to our audiences. As part of our efforts, we want to create a space where eye care professionals can share their knowledge and insights on myopia with a wider audience. This will not only help increase understanding of myopia but also promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas within the optometry community. Interested in sharing your knowledge with our audiences, find out more.

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