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Find A Specialist - Just Got Better! Are you being found?

Great news! We're excited to launch the enhanced version of our "Find a Specialist" map search function. This latest update is designed to make it even easier for parents to find local eye care professionals, like you, who specialise in myopia management treatments.

What's Changed.

  • We've added more providers - allowing parents to easily and quickly search with their postcodes - but as you can see below - we still have big gaps!

  • You can now list the treatment solutions you offer and parents can search by them - Useful if you're offering Ortho-K, Atropine, Red-Light Therapy in particular.

  • You can included images and describe your approach to Myopia Management - to make you stand out in more crowded markets.

  • Global Reach: Whilst UK based, Myopia Focus has specialists listed in Europe, America, and Australia. In fact Myopia Focus's directory is expanding, catering to parents across the globe seeking the best possible care for their children. We get a significant proportion of our traffic from the US, so we encourage US specialists to sign up. (Did we mention it is free?)

Screenshot of Find a Specialist Map Search
Check out the updated "Find a Specialist" Map Search

Why has it changed?

As I once did, parents often think that all eye care professionals are the same. That they all, of course, treat myopia. Unfortunately, we know that is not the case (yet)! This means that if they're looking for a specialist who can offer myopia management treatments it can be surprisingly difficult to find one. This is because Google also ranks "optometrists" with the assumption that all are created equal. I wanted to make it easier for parents to find out what myopia really is, find out more about the treatment solutions available, and then find a specialist near them who can hel. If they're looking for Ortho-K you offer it, we want them to find you!

Hopefully, you will find that and our new Find a Specialist map search, does just this!

A Free Platform for You to Expand Your Reach


Myopia Focus invites myopia management practitioners to join this innovative platform at no cost. Showcase your expertise to a targeted audience of parents actively seeking myopia management solutions for their children.


Emily Wilkinson, Contact Lens Optician at Scartho Eyecare commented: “We’re proud to support Myopia Focus as we believe every child deserves the best chance at reducing myopia-related eye conditions, as well as the potential to improve quality of life later down the road. We also believe in educating parents to make the best decisions for their children's futures and trying to make treatment as accessible as possible for all lifestyles. We offer Ortho-K, Soft myopia-control contact lenses and myopia-control spectacles, so listing on the site was an easy decision.


Similarly, Connan Tam, Partner at Burnett Hodd & Tam Optometry in London, commented: “We quickly realised Myopia Focus provided an outstanding platform for patients to access the latest information on myopia and empowered them to make well-informed decisions. The new map offers a great solution to ensure these parents can now find specialists such as us, to receive tailored myopia control.”

Already Signed Up?

Not Signed Up?

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