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Find A Specialist - Just Got Better!

Great news! We're excited to launch the enhanced version of our "Find a Specialist" map search function. This latest update is designed to make it even easier for you to find local eye care professionals who specialise in myopia management treatments.

What's Changed.

  • We've added more providers - and you can search easily and quickly with your postcode

  • You can now filter by Treatment option - Useful if you're looking for Ortho-K, Atropine, Red-Light Therapy in particular.

  • We've included images and given providers the opportunity to describe their approach to Myopia Management

Screenshot of Find a Specialist Map Search
Check out the updated "Find a Specialist" Map Search

Why has it changed?

As I once did, you may think that all eye care professionals are the same. That they all of course treat myopia. Unfortunately, that is not the case (yet)! This means that if you're looking for a specialist who can offer myopia management treatments it can be surprisingly difficult to find one. This is because Google also ranks "optometrists" with the assumption that all are created equal. I wanted to make it easier for parents to find out what myopia really is, find out more about the treatment solutions available, and then find a specialist near them who can help!

Hopefully, you will find that and our new Find a Specialist map search, does just this!

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