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Putting the focus on Childhood myopia - a growing, global epidemic.

We're lobbying the government to deliver a strategy to tackle childhood myopia! You can help!

Welcome to Myopia Focus

If you're concerned your child may be at risk or if they have already been diagnosed with myopia, you can find out everything you need to know about what myopia is and ask questions in our parent's forum.


Perhaps more importantly, you can use our site to find local myopia eye care professionals who can support you with myopia management and treatment options.

What is Childhood Myopia?

Children with myopia are often described as being 'short-sighted' as distant objects appear blurry to them making it hard to do things such as read the whiteboard in classrooms. Myopia is caused by the eye being unable to focus light correctly and it is a progressive condition that changes over time. Watch the video to find out more about Myopia or click here to learn more about childhood myopia.

Got a question? Just ask Mya!

There isn't a lot Mya doesn't know about Myopia. She's got great teachers - our illustrious advisory committee. If you've got a question, just ask Mya! 

Mother and Son

Parents Portal

Information for parents who want to get a better understanding of what myopia is (and what it isn't), discover risk factors and much more.

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Myopia Management

Discover the most up to date information for childhood myopia treatment and management options to help you make informed decisions.

Small Child with Large Glasses

Find a Specialist

 If you want more support, you can use our tool to find eye care professionals who specialise in myopia control near you.


Clinical evidence has shown that a personalised eye care plan can significantly decrease the progression of myopia in children by up to 50%.

Parent Quotes

It's great to get feedback from parents who have used our site to find out more about Myopia and to discover the treatment option that is right for their children. Here are just a few...

“When my eldest child Lily first told us she was struggling to see the board in class we suspected she was short-sighted. We took her to the opticians who simply confirmed she was myopic and prescribed glasses. The whole family wear glasses so it wasn't a surprise. However, it wasn't until I started finding out more about Myopia that I realised that glasses just provide a temporary fix, and there were potentially other solutions. We're now talking to a local specialist who is helping us find the correct myopia management plan for her."

Emma, Lily's Mum

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