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Ortho-K myopia management journey with Amelia Martin

Jason Higginbotham, Managing Editor of Myopia Focus, had the opportunity to chat with Claire and her daughter Amelia, who was prescribed Ortho-k night lenses more than 7 years ago by Dr Sandip Doshi, one of Myopia Focus’s advisory committee members. In the below video, Amelia discusses her experience with the night lenses and how they have positively improved her life and ultimately slowed down the progression of her myopia.

Jason Higginbotham comments:

It was great to meet Amelia and Claire. As a professional, it was interesting to hear about their journey with Ortho-K and as a story, I think it is a great demonstration of how much of a difference myopia management can make. In the case of Amelia, enabling her to reach the highest levels of a sport she clearly loves.