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Myopia Focus featured by the New Optometrist

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Earlier this month Myopia Focus was featured in an article published by the New

Optometrist an online resource that recognises the increasingly important role of optometrists in eye care and aims to provide a forum for all optometrists to exchange opinions and ideas.

The article titled 'Equality of Vision: Funding Myopia Management in Children' primarily discusses the findings of a survey conducted by Myopia Focus that focuses on the level of myopia management awareness amongst parents. A concerning finding of the survey showed that 88 per cent of participants said they were unaware that myopia management treatments were available to reduce the risk of myopia progression.

The article also highlights the need for equality of myopia management funding to ensure that all children have access to appropriate care and that there is greater support from governments to make these services more affordable.

Myopia onset usually occurs between six and thirteen years of age - earlier onset is associated with higher levels of myopia in adult life. 2.6 billion people in the world are myopic, and places like Singapore and South Korea have very high concentrations, with 80 per cent or more of the people having myopia.

To bring attention to the increasing prevalence of myopia and bring about change, Myopia Focus has also launched a campaign, which seeks to get the NHS to recognise myopia as an ocular disease and fund myopia management.

Managing editor of Myopia Focus, optometrist Jason Higginbotham commented, 'There is a real problem with poor funding for myopia management. This risks the development of a two-tier system of myopia care, where children from less wealthy backgrounds risk having higher levels of myopia in later life and, therefore, a higher risk of developing sight-threatening conditions. Surely, this is unfair and a serious issue that needs addressing urgently'.

If you're a parent whose child has been diagnosed with myopia or if they are struggling with their distance vision, we hope you found MyopiaFocus helpful. Please join our community to stay connected and up to date with the latest news, and resources in the myopia space.

Read the New Optometrist article here.

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