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Myopia Focus Campaign Reaches 1000 Signatures

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

We are excited to announce that our petition which aims to change how myopia management is funded in the UK has reached 1000 signatures! The petition urges the NHS to recognise myopia as an ocular disease and provide free funding of myopia management for children and better funding for adults with high myopia.

Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is no longer considered just a refractive error. According to optometrist and Managing Editor of Myopia Focus, Jason Higginbotham,

“Due to changes in lifestyle, an increasing number of people are at a higher risk of developing sight-threatening conditions linked to myopia. This should no longer be considered a potential threat; it is very real."

If no intervention occurs, it is predicted that half of the world's population could be myopic by 2050. Lifestyle plays a significant role in the development of this condition, and early intervention is important to help reduce the risk of sight loss in the future. Optometrists are best placed to offer advice and treatment to help slow the progression of myopia in children.

The petition aims to increase public awareness of myopia and highlight the risks associated with the condition. It also calls on the government to make myopia management more affordable to avoid a two-tier system and take action to address this growing public health issue.

On reaching the 1000 signature milestone, Myopia Focus’ Head of Marketing, Richard Kadri-Langford commented "Whilst there is a long way to go until the myopia healthcare challenge gets the attention it needs, it is fantastic that so many parents and industry professionals have backed our campaign. We will keep up our efforts to raise awareness of both the condition and the petition”.

Myopia Focus Advisory Committee member and Optometrist, Bhavin Shah, further highlighted that the campaign is helping to drive a growing number of discussions around myopia management, commenting:

“Myopia management is set to be one of the main talking points at the UK’s leading industry tradeshow, 100% Optical, and I’m looking forward to joining other members of the committee on a panel which will discuss the provision of myopia management in UK practice and the issues facing practitioners and their patients.”

Higginbotham concludes, “We want to put pressure on ministers to do something about it, now, the younger therapy commences, the less likely that your child will be at risk of sight loss in the future. We need the government to act."

For more information and to sign the petition, visit

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