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Find A Specialist - Welcoming new practitioners to - Are you next?

We're thrilled to announce some exciting developments at, your trusted resource for myopia information and for finding eye care professionals dedicated to managing myopia in children.

Our community is expanding, and we're delighted to introduce the latest opticians and optometrists who have joined our network. At, we understand the importance of early intervention and ongoing care in managing myopia, particularly for our younger generation.

One of our goals is to connect parents and children with highly experienced, compassionate eye care practitioners in their local areas. With our newest members, we continue to uphold this mission with renewed vigor.

Meet the new additions to our "Find a Specialist" map




Vision Express

London, UK

Optic Nacouzi

Beirut, Lebanon

Coton & Hamblin Optometrists

London, UK

EyeRims Optical

Secret Harbour, Australia

Kineton Optometrists

Warwickshire, UK

Michael Beaver Opticians

Warwickshire, UK

Parker & Hammond Opticians

Middlesex, UK

Farmilo Optometrists

Leicester, UK

Barot opticians

Leicestershire, UK

"We see many myopic children in our practice and as strong myopes ourselves, we know the struggle that one can face as the condition worsens. We want to help mitigate these difficulties for as many children as possible, including through educating the public using advice and information about treatments through Myopia Focus's expertise."

Dewey Lowery, Director at EyeRims Optical

"As a myopic optometrist I understand the risks of being Myopic and the consequences. As a father of 4, I am keen to reduce the Myopic outcome of my children, so am keen to research and practice good techniques to slow their Myopia. I pass all these methods to my patients to reduce their Myopic outcomes too."

Stuart Beaver, Optometrist at Kineton Optometrists

We extend a warm welcome to all the new members of the network. Together, with our dedicated community, we're one step closer to a future where every child has the clear, healthy vision they deserve.

Join our mission

Are you an optometrist or an eye care professional passionate about managing myopia and committed to improving children's eye health? We invite you to join our growing network at By becoming a member, you will:

  • Gain visibility among parents actively seeking specialised care for their children's myopia.

  • Receive exclusive access to marketing materials as well as peer-reviewed educational resources.

  • Benefit from our platform's reach and support.

  • Be part of a mission-driven organisation helping to make a tangible impact on children's vision health.

Visit our Practitioners page to learn more.

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