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Evaluating and Enhancing Myopia Awareness at 100% Optical

Myopia Management was a key topic of conversation among eye care professionals at 100% Optical last year.

This year seems no different, with a number of the CPD (continuing professional development) sessions being dedicated to myopia. This underscores the ongoing and crucial need for heightened awareness among parents and the provision of myopia management services by optometrists.

On Sunday, February 25th, from 11:30 to 12:30, Myopia Focus Managing Editor, Jason Higginbotham, alongside the support of Head of Marketing, Richard Kadri-Langford, will be delivering a compelling talk myopia-focused at the Optical Suppliers Association Stand.

This presentation is a follow-up to our 2023 survey, aimed at understanding how awareness of myopia and myopia management has shifted over time. They will unveil key findings from a survey taken this month, comparing the 2024 results to previous data to reveal trends and insights. More importantly, we will propose and discuss how we can work to further elevate myopia awareness.

In last year's survey, out of the 200 parents interviewed, a staggering 88% expressed unawareness regarding the availability of myopia management treatments aimed at mitigating the risk of myopia progression.

This session is designed for eye care professionals committed to enhancing their engagement with patients and communities about myopia management. Your participation is not just an opportunity to learn; it's a step towards shaping a future where myopia is understood and managed more effectively.

Eye care professionals who want to learn more about Myopia Focus can connect with Jason and Richard at stand B360 throughout the entire weekend.

Attending the event is free and all you have to do is register here.

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