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WCO & CooperVision® team up to launch "Myopia Management Navigator"

At Myopia Focus, we are thrilled to share an exciting development in the world of eye care. The World Council of Optometry (WCO) has teamed up with CooperVision to launch the WCO CooperVision® Myopia Management Navigator. This innovative, interactive, and educational resource is designed to set a new standard in myopia management, aligning perfectly with our mission to provide advanced solutions for eye health.

The Importance of Myopia Management

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a growing global concern. According to the World Report on Vision (2019), the number of children developing myopia is increasing at an alarming rate, reaching epidemic proportions in some regions. Myopia is more than just a refractive error; it's a chronic disease that requires long-term management to prevent serious complications such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. Effective myopia management involves three critical components: mitigation, measurement, and management.

Introducing the Myopia Management Navigator

The Myopia Management Navigator, developed by WCO in partnership with CooperVision, is a comprehensive tool guiding practitioners through the three M's of myopia management:

  • Mitigation: Strategies to reduce the onset and progression of myopia.

  • Measurement: Accurate assessment of myopia progression and its impact.

  • Management: Interventions to control and treat myopia effectively.

This tool is rich with resources, including "Myopia Moments," webinars, and practical advice, making it an invaluable asset for eye care professionals. By subscribing to updates, practitioners can stay informed about the latest best practices in myopia management.

Highlighting the Importance of Axial Length Measurement

The Navigator underscores the importance of axial length measurement as a best practice in myopia management. Axial length is a critical indicator of myopia progression, with eye elongation correlating to increased myopia and higher risks of severe eye conditions.

Despite its importance, many optometrists face challenges in incorporating axial length measurement into their practice. Common barriers include:

  • Cost and Size: Traditional devices can be expensive and bulky.

  • Complexity of Use: Some devices require extensive training and are not user-friendly.

  • Space Constraints: Smaller practices may struggle to accommodate large equipment.

  • Duplication of Capabilities: Optometrists may already have devices that partially address their needs, making it hard to justify additional equipment.

Current Large Desktop Devices

Several large desktop devices are available for axial length measurement:

  1. Oculus Myopia Master:

  • Description: A comprehensive device for measuring axial length, corneal curvature, and refraction.

  • Features: Combines multiple functions in one device, suitable for extensive myopia management.

  • More Information: Oculus Myopia Master

  1. Topcon ALADDIN and MYAH:

  • Description: The Topcon ALADDIN and MYAH devices offer advanced optical biometry and corneal topography, essential for detailed myopia management.

  • Features: Provide a thorough analysis of axial length and corneal curvature, useful for managing myopia progression.

  • More Information: Topcon ALADDIN and Topcon MYAH

Exciting New Handheld Device

While these desktop devices are comprehensive and a good option for some, they still relatively large and expensive for others. One alternative showcased at this years 100% Optical 2024, that is handheld could offer a more accessible solution and is slated to come to market in 2024/2025.

  1. Occuity AX1 Axiometer:

  • Description: Showcased at this year's 100% Optical event, the AX1 Axiometer is a handheld, non-contact device designed to measure axial length accurately.

  • Features: Portable, cost-effective, and easy to use, addressing many of the traditional barriers to adopting axial length measurement.

  • More Information: Occuity AX1 Axiometer


The WCO CooperVision® Myopia Management Navigator, provids a comprehensive resource for eye care professionals. This tool emphasises the need for continuous awareness and education in managing myopia effectively. As new tools for measuring axial length come to market, optometrists have more choices that are practical and affordable. Additionally, communication tools such as mEye by Ocumetra and PreMo are enhancing the way optometrists engage with parents, helping to better explain myopia management strategies.

By leveraging these advanced tools and resources, we can make significant strides in managing myopia and improving eye health worldwide. Let’s take action today for a clearer tomorrow.

By combining advanced technology with comprehensive educational resources, we can make significant strides in managing myopia and improving eye health worldwide. Let’s take action today for a clearer tomorrow.

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