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Ocumetra unveils groundbreaking enhancements to their cutting-edge myopia management tools

Myopia Focus partner, Ocumetra proudly announced a major update to its cutting-edge myopia management products, mEYE® Guide and mEYE® Gauge. As a leading optometric digital healthcare company, Ocumetra is committed to supporting eye care professionals (ECPs) with high-quality, evidence-based solutions.


The revamped platform introduces a sleek and innovative design, embodying Ocumetra's pioneering spirit while maintaining an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Notably, data entry for both mEYE® Guide and mEYE® Gauge has been streamlined into a single form, optimizing chair time efficiency in practice.

Hotly anticipated features in this release include axial length analysis using either estimated or measured axial length data. The unique capability of this feature ensures that ECPs are not limited by biometry, either due to availability in practice or by the software capability of their biometer.

Prof. James Loughman CEO of Ocumetra emphasised,

"Understanding the clinical context of axial length in relation to specific individuals is crucial in myopia management. By providing normative data and future adult predictions, we empower ECPs with enhanced clinical knowledge."

The update also incorporates axial length treatment targets, facilitating improved communication regarding the need for treatment between ECPs and patients or parents. Prof. Ian Flitcroft, Chief Innovation Officer at Ocumetra noted that,

“This latest update underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. We are proud to have addressed requests from our customers and industry partners and delivered these capabilities. We stand by our aim to resolve all barriers to myopia management for ECPs in practice in order to improve eye health outcomes for children across the globe.”

Ocumetra, as a data science company dedicated to breaking down all financial, clinical and communication barriers in myopia management, seeks to assist ECPs in achieving better eye health outcomes for children. To help ECPs achieve comprehensive and successful myopia care in their practice, the company is committed to the development of customised, evidence-based tools including:

  • Patient Communication Tools: Saving chair time and maximising patient uptake of myopia management.

  • Artificial Intelligence Tools: Increasing the understanding and use of axial length in clinical routines with or without access to biometry devices.

  • Clinical Decision Support and Risk Profiling Tools: Identifying children most in need of treatment and helping ECPs demonstrate treatment benefits to parents.

  • Treatment Monitoring Tools: Supporting evidence-based clinical decision-making and optimising treatment retention (coming soon).

The new capabilities will add to their ground-breaking innovations for enhanced myopia management within mEYE® Guide and mEYE® Gauge and will help ensure that the implementation of myopia management as a new standard of care is better for patients, better for health and better for business.

mEYE® Guide:


A parent communication tool designed to increase uptake and retention of myopia management, maximizing the efficiency of ECP chair time. Through intuitive data and graphical outputs, mEYE® Guide illustrates the risks of myopia and benefits of myopia management using refraction centile graphs, a powerful vision simulator, and treatment benefit infographics. mEYE® Guide powers shorter, simpler and more effective patient and parent communication. Presented on a visually appealing interface using parent friendly language, it is the ideal solution to introduce comprehensive myopia management to every patient.

mEYE® Gauge:

An axial length estimator utilising a machine learning algorithm to provide accurate axial length estimations using routinely captured clinical information. This tool supports the integration of axial length as an important clinical biomarker for myopia without the cost of investing in biometry devices, bringing the gold standard for myopia treatment monitoring to a broader range of clinicians. mEYE® Gauge allows ECPs the opportunity to integrate axial length into their daily practice and to understand the value of axial length data for enhanced clinical decision making, thereby supporting future investment in biometry.

These new capabilities enhance Ocumetra's groundbreaking innovations within mEYE® Guide and mEYE® Gauge and support Ocumetra’s ambition to lead the evolution of refractive error and ocular health management with powerful, trusted analytics that:

  • Support ECPs to deliver comprehensive evidence-based eye care, achieve better eye health outcomes for their patients and grow their myopia management business.

  • Support parents and patients to make informed choices relating to myopia management based on their personal risk profile, the potential benefits achievable and the efficacy of their care.

  • Support industry partners to make myopia management accessible to all.

Ocumetra’s mEYE® Guide and mEYE® Gauge are available on a subscription basis. Please visit their website to learn more.

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