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Choosing between MiYOSMART spectacle lenses and MiSight Contact lenses for myopia management

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

In my practice, we work daily with patients who want to know more about myopia management. Increasingly, I am being asked by parents what different strategies are out there when it comes to slowing down the progression of myopia. In response to this I have written an opinion article looking at two different myopia management strategies, namely MiYOSMART lenses and MiSight contact lenses.

MiYOSMART lenses are an award-winning innovation for spectacle lenses developed by Hoya in myopia management. A revolutionary technology spectacle lens provides a full vision correction for the child and has a ring-shaped treatment zone to slow down myopia progression. The focus zone and treatment zone combination offers clear vision and manages myopia simultaneously.

This game-changing non-invasive innovation in spectacle lens MiYOSMART uses an award-winning D.I.M.S. (defocus incorporated multiple segments) technology to slow myopia progression in children. It has been clinically proven with a prospective two-year randomised control trial to be safe, easy, and effective in myopia progression.

The two-year clinical trials have shown that MiYOSMART lenses slow myopia progression by an average of 59% and slow axial eye growth by an average of 60%.

MiYOSMART offers an excellent and convenient solution for myopia management for children. They are perfect for active children as they are made from polycarbonate material with high impact resistance, thin, and offer U.V. protection. Children are often more likely to damage their glasses and lenses in activities such as sports and games. MiYOSMART lenses are fit for children and offer impact-resistant material.

Children are more susceptible to the effects of U.V. radiation. Studies show over 80% of lifetime exposure to U.V. light occurs before 18 years old. This is due to children having larger pupils, which allow more light to enter the eye, and children play outside more than adults. Children's cornea, lens, and vitreous are more transparent than adults too, allowing more light to enter the eye. Miyosmart lenses offer 100% U.V. protection for children.

MiSight 1-day contact lenses by CooperVision is a daily disposable contact lens proven to slow myopia progression in children. This innovative technology helps to slow down the progression of myopia. MiSight 1-day contact lenses give your child clear vision and freedom from glasses, and a child can continue to enjoy activities. MiSight 1-day contact lenses slow the progression of short-sightedness in children by 59% using innovative ActivControl technology.

MiSight Contact lenses offer child-friendly soft contact lenses that are easy to use. Convenient for child use with daily disposable contact lenses, no need to clean or store them.

About author

Kiran Pannu-Dhillon, a valuable contributor at Myopia Focus is an ambitious optometrist with over ten years of experience in her profession and is passionate about eyecare and the various myopia management strategies out there.

Please note that this is an opinion article and that there are many other myopia management strategies out there, explore our website Myopia Focus to learn more.

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